You may not think of the loose doorknob or the broken hinge where the mechanism locks as something you should be concerned about. However, you would be surprised by how many instances there have been for people to call for an Emergency Locksmith because they cannot lock their home door. The following are the three most common lock problems and how you can avoid them.


The Most Common Door Lock Issues and How To Resolve Them

How Much Does A Locksmith Cost

How Much Does A Locksmith Cost

  • Loose Locks


Once you notice that the lock is loose, get it fixed or replaced as soon as possible. Loose locks may seem harmless. But the longer you wait to fix it; the more unreliable the lock will get. You might end up locked out of the house because the lock itself has malfunctioned because of the loose lock.


  • Misaligned Locks

Misaligned locks can cause the lock to malfunction. It can either prevent you from opening the door even if you are using the right key, and it can also render the lock useless, allowing anyone to get in without the need for a key. The locking mechanism will need to be realigned, so call Perth Locksmiths like us immediately to fix the problem.


  • Jammed Locks

A jammed lock calls for a need for an Emergency Locksmith. The more you use the door, the more damaged the jammed lock will get. If you keep putting off having it fixed, the lock will eventually malfunction, and you will not be able to get out. Debris stuck in the lock mechanism will continue to damage the lock itself unless you call us to fix it for you.


How to Avoid These Problems?

Like any other part of the house, proper maintenance and care are the keys to avoiding issues like these. Avoid slamming the door or closing it roughly because the lock mechanism will get damaged this way, and the components will become misaligned. Another way is to regularly check on them to see if there are issues with the locks. By paying attention, you may be able to prevent problems with your locks.

These common lock problems need to be taken seriously so you will not end up in a situation where you have to frantically call a locksmith to fix the lock of your door. Your house will be vulnerable, especially if it happens in the middle of the night. So, hire Perth Locksmiths like us when you notice these problems with the locks in your home. 


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