Getting locked out of your apartment can happen to anyone. If you live in Perth, you can always rely on Perth Locksmiths WA who are unrivaled Perth Residential Locksmiths to help you out.


Whether it’s momentarily stepping outside without your key, only to realize your apartment door has locked behind you, or you come home only to find out that your keys are missing – getting locked out of your apartment happens to the best of us.

Steps To Help To Avoid Getting Locked Out

Luckily, a few simple tips can help you avoid getting locked out of your apartment and frantically calling an Emergency Locksmith Perth to resolve the situation.


  1. Make Double Checking a Daily Habit


Double-checking is an all-important habit that can save you a lot of grief, time, and even money.


It’s important before you leave that you double-check that you have your keys on you, as well as double-checking that everything is locked up properly.


It only takes one time of not making sure you have your keys on you to get you locked out.


  1. Have a ‘Key Buddy’


It might sound a little strange at first but having a ‘Key Buddy’ is actually a very practical and useful strategy that you’ll never regret in event of getting locked out.


Of course, a Key Buddy must be someone that you trust, otherwise, you are putting your apartment and its content at risk.


After all, 34% of burglars use the front door.


Not only should your Key Buddy be someone you can trust – whether a friend, relative, or fellow tenant – they should also be readily available when you need them.


  1. Discuss the Use of Master Keys with Your Landlord


Master Keys are used by Landlords for various reasons, including maintenance checks, security upgrades, and appraising apartments.


By confirming If the landlord has a Master Key, you at least know that you can get into your apartment without too much hassle in the event of being locked out.


It is recommended to talk to your landlord about a Master Key sooner than later and discuss how best to contact them in the event of needing it.


  1. Get a Spare Key


Perhaps the most important tip outside of double-checking, getting a spare key for your apartment is extremely useful and simply common sense.


Getting a copy of your keys is easy, cheap, and quick – so there’s no reason not to get a spare! Contact a reliable Perth Residential Locksmith today to get a copy of your key made.


  1. Find an Experienced Perth Locksmith Ahead of Time


If somehow you have been locked out of your apartment, and you have no way to get in – it can extremely helpful to know a reliable Locksmith in Perth ahead of time.


This way, you know just who to call and who can be with you as soon as possible while providing fair rates.


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