Digital locks are advanced technology and one that enhances the security of an establishment. Digital locks can be used for both residential and commercial properties as there are many different options in the lock that make it a security upgrade for any establishment. Locksmith Perth WA welcomes you to read the following information on digital locks.

What is a Keyless Lock

A keyless locking system means no more keys. Digital locks have been available for some time, and it is any lock that eliminates the use of a key. It is a means to gain control over who has access to your home or office, eliminating the key and replacing it with a code. There are various digital technologies that have gained popularity and hybrid options that include a combination of both a code to enter with a key as a backup. A keyless lock means that the property owner only require a few simple pushes of buttons (entering their code), and they have entry to their home or office. No more losing keys, no more lockouts. And, the level of security is enhanced, helping to deter burglars from entering the establishment. It is a sophisticated upgrade in a lock and one that is quite popular in the locksmith industry.

Digital Locks for the Front Door

Ever think you’d like to do away with that old keyring that you fumble through each night to get into your home. A digital lock for the front door is a means to eliminate the need to pull out the keyring packed with keys, searching for the right one to unlock the front door.
With a digital lock for the front door:

Your front door lock becomes a push button door lock. What ease and convenience, simply approach the door and enter your combination that is specific to your lock. Here you don’t want to use codes that would be easy for others to uncover like your birth date or address. The combinations can be reset directly on the door handle if ever you think someone may have your code. Your well-protected front door with the deadbolt that is the ultimate protection just became increased security that is much more convenient with the push of buttons to open the deadlock instead of the key that is so easily lost.

Remote signal locks. This type of locking system is similar to that of a keyless entry system that is used for cars- a microchip communicates the frequency through a receiver built into the door and sends an electronic signal to open the lock or deadbolt. You’ll see this type of locking system on many business establishments like apartment complexes and hotels where a visitor can be buzzed inside.

Biometric fingerprint locks- Biometric fingerprint technology is not new to the locksmith industry as it has been used for some time. With this type of locking system, fingerprints are stored by the biometric system. The fingerprints of who is allowed entry into the establishment are then registered on the pad at the entry door. When the visitor or property owner places their hand on the pad, their fingerprints are read and if they match those registered on the pad, the door will open, allowing them entry into their home or office.

Why Use a Digital Lock?

Digital locks are high-security locks that are easy and convenient. While you can lose your keys, you can’t lose your fingerprints. For property owners that want to upgrade their security system, and for those that are tired of losing their keys and making the what seems to be continuous calls to the locksmith to get into their property, a digital lock is a great choice. With eliminating the keys from the locks, there is nothing to frustrate you as there is nothing to lose or misplace.

If the digital lock with the combination required causes anxiety, there are other options like the fingerprint keys. There are many different features available. Push button locks can be set up so that if someone tries to gain entry into the establishment by trying to decode the combination more than four times with no success, an alarm will go off and / or will be locked out from trying to decode once more. This will discourage burglars who are not likely to decode the lock the first time around.

Another benefit of a digital lock is they are helpful to disabled persons. Remote access locks work wheel for those in a wheelchair as the locks can be programmed based on the time it takes someone to enter the establishment.

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