Breaking your key inside your lock seems like a far-fetched idea, but it does happen when you least expect it. If it occurs as you’re trying to access the main door of your house, you will have no way to gain entry unless you call a  Perth Residential Locksmith. In this scenario, you need to call a reputable company like ours at Perth Locksmiths. We provide prompt and professional emergency locksmith services, no matter what you need or where you are in Perth.



Let Us Help You Out of Your Bind


When this incident happens, call us right away because we have the tools and equipment to open your lock. Our emergency services mean we will heed your call no matter what time it is. Instead of tinkering with the broken key and lock yourself which can complicate the problem, call your Perth Locksmith to get the job done swiftly. Attempting a DIY will only push the lock deeper into the lock, damaging your mechanism. 


Our Residential Locksmith technicians can remove the broken key safely. They have the knowledge and tools to open your jammed door lock without destroying your frame or your doorknob. If you let us do our job, you can save your old lock, remove the key, and make another copy. This saves you tons of money in replacing the entire doorknob system. 



Reasons This Freaky Incident Occurs


The primary reason for a broken key within the lock rests on wear and tear. As your key ages, you may notice a crack. The moment you observe something odd, bring your key to a reputable Perth Locksmith to make duplicatesPrevention is better than cure! 


Another reason for this weird incident is that keys warp over time. Usually, keys are the go-to object when you want to pry things open. As such, let this be fair warning that you must never use it for anything other than its intended purpose. Using your key to pop open a bottle cap will expose it to undue pressure, compromising its integrity. 


Finally, another probable cause is that the lock has been turned already. In this scenario, the key ends up being torqued in a different direction, causing breakage. 



Call Us Right Away


If you find yourself in this unfortunate scenario, call us at Perth Locksmiths. Our phone number is 0403 232 113 or leave us a message here. It’s always alarming to find yourself with half a key in your hand and a half in the door. But with our help, we can sort out your problem and get you inside your home in no time at all.