Theft in the workplace is a huge problem and is more common than you may want to admit. Workplace theft may range from minor items such as stolen lunches and include items such as cash or office equipment. It is more devastating to a company if the theft will involve sensitive company documents that can be used to sabotage the company. It is therefore important for business owners or office managers to ensure the security of the workplace is uncompromised by hiring the services of a reliable Commercial Locksmith in Perth.  



Keep All Sensitive Files Under Lock and Key


If your workplace still relies on paper files, it is important to keep all sensitive and irreplaceable documents under lock and key, if possible, within fireproof cabinets. You can hire a Commercial Locksmith to install locks to ordinary office desks to make them more secure. 



Number and Assign All Keys


All keys used in the office should be numbered and specifically assigned to your employees. This system will enable you to keep tabs on who has keys that can open specific doors, desks, or file cabinets within your workplace. It is best to hire a professional Perth Locksmith to make master copies of all your keys to be kept only by the top management. Likewise, if your company is providing keys to temporary or casual employees, have these keys returned at the end of each day or the end of their contract.



Use Electronic Locks


A better alternative than conventional locks is to use electronic locks. You can program an electronic lock to use a code for a specific period to open doors. Likewise, there are electronic locks that use electronic keycards as keys. If an employee does not return a keycard, you can easily reprogram your doors to deny access to that specific keycard. Electronic keys can also allow you to get a record of employees who have swiped in to access entry points in your office. 



Establish a Restricted Master Key System


You can hire a Perth Locksmith to install a hierarchical master key system for your office. This restricted master key system will provide different keys that have access to specific levels only. With this system, you may keep a registry of who has which key to an access level. Likewise, having a master key system will mean that only the Commercial Locksmith that you hired to develop the system will be the only one who can cut duplicate keys for you. 


Establishing a system of keeping track of who has which keys and access to your office may deter any workplace theft from happening. 



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