You will need to get your car keys cut if you’ve lost them, had them stolen or broken them. Newer cars have transponders and need to be programmed in order to be used in your car. Get a professional and experienced automotive locksmith to cut your car keys with Perth Locksmiths WA. Here’s what you need to know about getting your car keys cut.

If You’ve Lost All of Your Car Keys

Whether your keys are lost stolen or broken they can easily be replaced through an automotive locksmith or through your car dealer. If you use a locksmith it will save you money. Older basic keys cost less to replace than newer transponder keys. Transponder keys will need to be programmed so that your vehicle recognise the newly cut key. This can be done by either your car dealer or locksmith.

Programming Your Car Key

All vehicles are different so the way they are programmed follows different procedures. Some can be done yourself after you’ve had your key cut in Perth. However, in other cases you’ll need to get in touch with a Perth locksmith to have it programmed. If your car doesn’t recognise the key you won’t be able to start it.

Getting the Best Price for Key Cutting

Bear in mind transponder keys will cost more to cut and program than older keys. Shop around and find out how much your dealer will charge compared to Perth locksmiths. It’s highly likely the locksmith will be the most cost effective option. To get the best price, ring local Automotive Locksmiths in Perth for quotes to compare.

What You Will Need to Have to Get Your Keys Cut

You will need to prove you are the owner of the vehicle. Have your license and registration on hand to verify your identity to the locksmith. If you aren’t the owner then you will need to discuss what documentation you may need to prove you have permission to get the keys cut. Any professional automotive locksmith will want to make sure you are obtaining copies legally before proceeding with the work.

If you are looking for car key cutting services you will need to know your options. You could use an automotive locksmith or your car dealer. Generally a locksmith will be the cheapest option. If it’s a transponder key it will need to be programmed to your car in order to work. Ring around for the best price in your local area. Have your license and registration ready so that you don’t hold up the key cutting. Perth Locksmiths WA has a team of skilled and experienced automotive locksmiths to take care of your key cutting needs.