If there’s one home problem you must never ignore, it’s door lock issues. When you spot problems of this kind, contact your Residential Locksmithright away. It is not something you can put off like a dead light bulb or a loose cabinet door. After all, without a working door lock, your property becomes a target to robbery and burglary. You don’t want to make it easy for these criminals to enter your home. 

common door locks problems

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You need to call the locksmiths in Perth if you encounter these top 3 door lock problems, so it can be fixed straight away. 

Very Wiggly Door Parts

When you notice that the doorknobs, handles, and locks are wiggly and loose, call a residential Locksmith for an immediate repair or replacement. This situation is often due to wear and tear from daily use. With the number of times you open, shut, lock, and bang the door, these parts inevitably get loose. When this happens, someone can readily break into your home. It is best not to wait for things to get worse, which can make it more difficult and expensive to fix.


Door Locks Not Aligned Correctly

You will notice that all doors make a clicking sound when you close them. If the sound is noticeably absent when you shut your door, it could mean your locks are not aligned correctly. When the metal parts don’t shut well, it means your entire locking system is no longer secure. Hence, the safety of everyone in your home, including your belongings, are compromised. 


Stuck Broken Key Within the Lock Cavity

A stuck, broken key within a lock requires swift assistance from the locksmiths in Perth. You may be tempted to do it yourself, but if you insist in doing it you can cause more harm than good. It can result in more costly repairs instead of just a key replacement. It is best to leave this job to the pros because you don’t want to mess up the locking mechanisms that safeguard your property from criminals. 


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