A deadlock installation will cost you approximately $330 whichever capital city you live in – including Perth. Please note that this is just an estimate and costs will vary depending on the materials used and other factors.

Australian families prefer deadlocks because they provide better security than ordinary locks do. Perth Locksmiths WA offers deadlock installation service at affordable rates. We service across Perth, offering prompt and exceptional locksmith services for residential and commercial properties.

Deadlocks Are a Security Standard that Insurers insist upon

In order to obtain Home and Contents Insurance, you will need to install deadlocks in your home. They are a minimum-security standard all insurance companies in Australia insist upon. Having a deadlock installed on your front door will also give you peace of mind that your home is secure.

Can deadlocks minimise robberies and break-ins?

The short answer is ‘yes. Deadlocks turn off thieves from breaking into homes. The reason – they are impossible to open without a key or a high level of locksmithing expertise. 

Burglars and other miscreants are typically looking for easy targets. A home secured with a deadlock is just too much trouble for them to handle. They are more likely to target a home that’s quick and easy to break in. So, installing a deadlock can actually burglar-proof your home.

How do you get a deadlock installed in Perth?

The best way to get a deadlock installed is to get an experienced Perth Residential Locksmith to do the job for you. An experienced locksmith will not only be able to do that job quickly but will also ensure that you get a long-term solution and not just a short-term fix for your problem. 

The average price of the locksmith will charge will be approximately $330. Most professional locksmiths will accept cash, credit card or EFTPOS payments

We install deadlocks for you at very nominal rates

We are Perth Locksmiths WA, the Residential Locksmiths Perth that residents trust. Affordable and experienced, we marry expertise with exceedingly high levels of customer service. We work round the clock, offering 24/7 locksmith services Perth wide.

Dependable, reliable & punctual

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Our estimate for deadlock installation is $330 on average. The cost includes service plus the deadlock itself. but it’s important to know and understand the cost can vary based on your location, the deadlock brand used, time (usually the locksmiths charge for after hours and weekends)

When you call a locksmith to install a deadlock its important to ask what brand they use, look at their reviews and check the warranty they offer.  At Perth locksmith WA we do not compromise on quality and look for corners to cut.

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