Did you know that a garage door is one of the most vulnerable access points of a house? It’s true. Garage doors offer intruders relatively easy access, giving them not just access to your home, but a very good hiding place as well. In fact, apart from unsecured windows, garage doors are one of the most popular break-in points when it comes to house thefts and burglaries.

Effective Tips to Burglar-Proof Your Garage

So, how can you counteract this phenomenon and increase the security of your garage door? There are many ways to do that; read on to find out some of the most effective security measures that you can take to make your garage door burglar-proof.

Garage Door Security Tips

Don’t neglect your garage door security Perth and regret it later. Follow these tips to make your garage door as secure as possible.

Install Motion Sensor Lights

A quick and easy tip to instantly increase the safety and security of your garage door is to install motion sensor lights. Install them above your garage door to dissuade any intruders from attempting to break in. You can also go one step ahead and install lights inside the garage as well. A brightly lit garage is not burglar-friendly, as all of us know, burglars prefer to operate in dark corners and under the cloak of darkness.

Set A Timer to Automatically Close the Garage Door

Never again be caught in a panic, wondering if you remembered to lock the garage door. We have a hundred things on our mind on a daily basis. So, it’s only natural that every now and then, we forget to something important, like closing the garage door. Instead of leaving yourself vulnerable to the possibility of an unlocked garage door, an effective solution would be to install a timer. You can set the timer to automatically close and secure the garage door, in the event that you forget to do it.

Garage door security tips

Secure Your Garage Door Against “Fishing”

Burglars use a technique called “fishing” to open garage doors. Basically, fishing involves activating a garage door’s emergency release mechanism, by reaching through a gap at the top of the door with a wire hook. The best and easiest way to secure against fishing is to install padlocks to make fishing ineffective.

Upgrade to A Newer Model

As technology changes and upgrades to home security becomes available, investing in newer model garage doors and security systems will help keep your home safe. Since technology has become a central part of home security, thieves have adapted to it as well, using devices such as the code-grabbers to gain access to your garage. So, what exactly is a code grabber? It is a device that records the radio signal from the remote to the opener, providing thieves with quick and easy access to your garage. They will then be able to open your garage door just as easily as you do. The only way to avoid such a scenario is to invest in a newer model garage door, one that comes equipped with ‘rolling code’ technology. Rolling codes send a new signal every time the remote is used, thereby invalidating the previous signal.

Talk to A Security Expert

Of course, talking to a home security expert, like Perth Locksmiths WA, will help you find out other effective ways in which you can increase the security of your garage door. Professionals with extensive knowledge about all the latest technology available in the market, as well as information on the different ways in which thieves gain access, will be able to provide you with customised solutions for your garage door, based on your home’s layout, needs and your budget. For more information about security visit our home security tips page.