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    Garage Door Lock Installation And Repair in Perth

    A garage door lock is a mechanism to prevent unauthorised people from entering the garage. People sometimes get into a garage because they can push the door up from the bottom and sneak in. To avoid this, place locks at the top of the door. This ensures that no one can enter the garage without a key.

    Best Garage Door Locks on the Market

    Garage door locks are an excellent way to protect your home. This post will go over the top five best garage door locks on the market. We examined and chose these five garage door locks based on their performance, quality, and features.

    So, without further ado, let’s get into our selection of the best garage door locks on the market.

    garage door locks installation perth

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    Garage door locks are essential because they protect the garage from intruders who may attempt to break in and steal something. Instead, invest in a reliable garage door lock to keep your car, tools, and other precious stuff safe.

    If you have an uninsulated garage, investing in a garage door lock is a good idea. This will prevent strangers from entering your garage and cold-calling you. Unfortunately, some people do not consider it, but locking the garage door keeps people out of the garage.

    Garage Door Lock Repair

    Garage door lock repair is usually as simple as adjusting the locking mechanism on the door. This is done by removing the two screws that keep the lock in place and then tightening the screws. The door will, after that, be able to lock and unlock without issue.

    Garage Door Lock Replacement

    Due to the potential of injury, garage door lock replacement is best left to professionals. The lock can be removed with a few screws, but it is dangerous if the individual does not use caution.

    Expert Garage Door Lock Installation Tips

    You don’t have to call a locksmith whenever you need to replace your garage door lock. Instead, you can return it if you have basic DIY skills and tools.

    Step 1: 

    Remove the old lock, and unscrew the old lock from the top and bottom using a screwdriver and a tool.

    Step 2: 

    Install the new lock. Insert the new lock into the top and bottom of the track and screw it in place using the wrench.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you change the lock on the garage door?

    All you need for garage door lock replacement to be possible is access to the set screws for the lock hardware. Most often, these are located on the interior side of the garage door, requiring entry into the structure before garage door lock replacement can commence.

    How secure are garage door locks?

    Most garage door locks are low security, meaning they do not have a drill, cutting, or picking protection. With garage door lock replacement, you can potentially increase the security of your garage door lock or use additional locks to provide greater security.

    Secure your garage immediately! 

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