So, it makes sense to choose one that’s honest. But beyond honesty, what should you look for from your locksmith?

Locksmiths hold the key to your security in their hands.

We believe it’s five things:


1. Accessibility – most times, when you need a locksmith, you need one in a hurry.

For a simple reason – you’ve either locked yourself out of your home, office or car.

Choosing a locksmith that’s located close to you means they can get to where you are – faster.

A good place to search for a Locksmith is The Yellow Pages.

The Yellow Pages allows you to search for a locksmith by entering your suburb name or postcode.

You find your locksmith quickly, speedily efficiently.

You can also find a good local locksmith using Google Search – simply type in locksmith followed by your suburb name.


2. Quality – the quality of workmanship or work-woman-ship is important

when your locksmith to do more than just help you get into your home, office, or car.

Say, you’d like to install deadbolts on your doors or windows.

Or look at installing digital locks, that are opened using a code

(you may want to do this if you give your rental property out to tourists visiting Perth WA through Air BNB.

For a much more specialised job, you will need locksmith services with a good reputation following them.


3. Good customer feedback and service – few tell a story better than customers do. Ads will lie, customers won’t.

It pays to check the referrals the customer has received. Facebook is a good place to do this as referrals are more likely to be honest and true.

A poor referral doesn’t have to be a disqualification for locksmiths. It just means you ask them about the experience when they show up.

If their response is satisfactory – honest – award them the job.


4. Skill – For specialised jobs, specialised skills may be required.

Example – transponder keys. They are keys coded using a computer. Only a few (at PerthLocksmithsWA, we’re one of them)

are able to do these kinds of jobs due to the complexity they involve). We make keys and remotes too.

When you call one, explain the job and ask for evidence that they’ve actually done it before. It saves time and money.


5. Reliability – a locksmith has to turn up when they say they will.

It’s a basic of professionalism, courtesy, and service. If the person doesn’t turn up to an appointment after they fix it,

you can assume they aren’t interested in your job for whatever reason. Award it to someone else.

Our 24-hour promise keeps us ahead.

Honesty is the best policy

Look for locksmiths who wear it like a badge with pride.

These are the ones who will understand your job before attempting to deliver it.

We are the mobile locksmith that deals with car keys, keys cut, master key systems, and access controls all the time.


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