Nobody expects to have their home broken into. It’s safe to assume that the chances of it happening are in your favor. In fact, only 2.1 % of houses in Australia are burglarized per year. The truth is, this statistic would be significantly lower if more people took simple measures to make sure that their home is more secure. There’s the obvious stuff: make sure your doors and windows are closed and locked, get adequate locks for your home (Perth Locksmiths have you covered there). But if you want to take your security to the next level, nothing compares to security doors and screens. Allow Perth Locksmiths – the number #1 emergency locksmiths in Perth – to tell you why they’re so important.


What are Security Doors and Screens?

When we hear the words ‘security doors’, we might associate them with high-security areas and industrial parks. But the truth is, security doors are a common and effective way for families to make their homes significantly safer, whilst also being easy on the eye.

Security doors and screens are highly durable mesh that acts as either a door itself or is placed in front of a door or window. They are usually made from stainless steel and those which are, are designed to meet or exceed Australian standards. The mesh is designed to be impervious to being kicked in, wedged apart, or cut open with a blade, etc. They allow houses to be much more secure, whilst also allowing the householder to look out of them, due to their shaded transparency (by nature of being a mesh).


Psychological Benefits

In addition to adding an impervious extra layer of protection to your home, security doors and screens have an important psychological benefit. By having this extra layer, burglars are known to be put off from robbing the home by seeing that it has notable security in place. In addition to this, a mesh can prevent outsiders from seeping into the home clearly, whilst people living in the house can look out through the mesh easily. This is also a known repellent to burglars.

While we sincerely hope that your house never gets broken into or otherwise vandalised, it is always smart to take the necessary precautions to keep your house safe. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but if a burglary attempt is made, your secure house will be a formidable opponent to the intruders, not allowing them to get in that easily.

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