Here’s a guide from a Perth Locksmiths WA on how to keep your home safe and well protected. Your home is the place that holds all your hard-earned assets and provides safety and security to your family. However, some of your daily habits that you think are harmless can be detrimental to your home’s security.

Locksmith Perth WA lists the 3 bad habits that homeowners must break away from, so their homes can remain safe and secure.


1) Leaving Entry Points Unlocked

As much as it is common sense to keep all entry points locked and secured, sometimes homeowners tend to slack in this regard. It’s understandable. You don’t want to lock all the doors and windows if you’re only stepping out to go get groceries. What you need to keep in mind is that it will only take a couple of minutes for a burglar to break into your home and steal your valuables. Don’t make it easy for them by leaving your door or windows unsecured! Always lock all entry points when you step out, even if it’s only for a short period of time.


2) Sharing Your Whereabouts on Social Media

Want to let your friends and family know that you’re having the time of your life during a vacation? Posting photos on social media is something that we do every day. We don’t think too much about it, but maybe it’s time that we did. As a Professional Locksmith in Perth we get called out to come and fix the security on houses that have been burgled all the time.Most burglars target houses that they know are empty. How do they figure that out? By tracking your social media, among other things. So, being cautious with your social media posts can go a long way in keeping your home secure.


3) Hiding A Spare Key Outside Your Home

This is an age-old habit that needs to go out of fashion ASAP. Hiding a spare key under the doormat, in the letterbox, under a rock or any other ingenious hiding spot that you can think of is a terrible idea. No matter how hard-to-find and clever you think a hiding spot maybe, a determined crook will find it. A smarter alternative would be to give the spare key to a trusted friend or neighbor for safekeeping.

So, there you have it. The top 3 bad habits that homeowners must let go of this year. Looking for a reliable Residential Locksmith in Perth? Contact Locksmith Perth WA on [phone].