If you’re looking for a Perth Locksmith, you may ask yourself, ‘much how does hiring an Emergency Locksmith in Perth actually cost?’ Unfortunately, there is no ‘one price fits all’ but the following guide will give you a clear idea of what to expect as far as the prices are concerned.

What is the Price Range For A Perth Locksmith?

The Price of a Mobile Locksmith in Perth can vary a lot because there are a lot of things a Locksmith can do that you might not expect them to. A Locksmith in Perth can cost as low as $50 to around $320 or more, depending on the job and time involved. After Hours or Emergency Locksmith Services will always cost more, so you can expect to pay anywhere from $220 to $320 due to an After Hours Call-Out Fee.

How Much Does A Locksmith Cost

How Much Does A Locksmith Cost

The Call Out Fee

Call-out fees for Mobile Perth Locksmiths typically range from around $100 to $175 during business hours. After Hours Call-Out Fees are typically between $175 to $275.

How Much Does It Cost For Small Tasks Like Re-Keying Or Unlocking?

Small tasks such as unlocking a door are typically around $90 up to around $150.

Rekeying can cost from $80 to $100 dollars if the pins in the locks do not need to be changed or replaced. However, if the pins do need to be changed you can expect to pay between $80 to $90. The cost of automotive unlocking will generally be higher than residential or commercial and will start at around $120 or more depending on the model.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Lock Replaced?

Changing the locks on a door can vary depending on the type of lock as well as how complex the job might be. You can expect between $20 to $40 per lock. Your premises may affect the type of doors, locks, and security you have. Have a look at some of our home security tips to protect your valuables. Luckily, Perth Locksmiths WA are Residential Locksmiths, Commercial Locksmiths, and Automotive Locksmiths and can handle any requests you have. 

What can Affect the Price of a Locksmith?

The cost of hiring a Locksmith will depend on various key factors including the following:

  •         The Price Rates of the Locksmith
  •         Whether or not the service is in Business Hours or After Hours (this will affect the Call-Out Fee)
  •         The complexity of the job
  •         The price of the product installed
  •         The type of door or lock you want to be serviced, repaired, or replaced
  •         The amount of time required

Apart From The Above, We Have Outlined Some FAQ’S below

1. What factors influence the cost of locksmith services?
The cost of locksmith services can vary based on factors such as the type of service required (e.g., emergency lockout, rekeying, installation), the complexity of the job, the time of day or night, and the location of the service.

2. How much can I expect to pay for emergency lockout assistance?
Emergency lockout assistance typically involves a higher cost due to its immediate nature. Prices may vary, but it’s important to inquire about the base fee, service call charge, and any additional fees for after-hours services.

3. Are there additional charges for locksmith services during weekends or holidays?
Yes, many locksmiths charge extra for services provided during weekends, holidays, or outside regular business hours. It’s advisable to inquire about these potential additional charges when seeking locksmith assistance.

4. What is the price range for installing new locks on windows?
The cost of installing new locks on windows can vary based on the type of window, the number of locks needed, and the complexity of the installation. Prices may start from $80 and go up depending on these factors.

5. Do locksmiths offer upfront price estimates?
Reputable locksmiths often provide upfront price estimates based on the information you provide about your needs. However, keep in mind that the final cost may change if unforeseen complications arise during the job.

6. Are there any hidden charges I should be aware of?
While most locksmiths strive for transparency, it’s wise to ask about any potential hidden charges. These could include service call fees, mileage charges, parts costs, and additional labor fees for complex tasks.

Remember that these are general guidelines and that actual locksmith costs can vary based on the specific locksmith service provider and the unique circumstances of each situation. Always get a clear and detailed price estimate from the locksmith before agreeing to any services.

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