A Locksmith in Perth will charge you around $45 – $60 to come around to your house to open your front door or your sliding door for you. This is provided your locksmith lives 10 kilometres or less from you.

If your locksmith is located more than 10 kilometres from your residence, they may charge you a ‘commute fee’. This could take your price up by another $10 to $50. 

When choosing a Locksmith in Perth, or any Australian city, choose to go ‘local’. Lower travel costs deliver improved speed, service, experience and price. 

Some locksmiths (like Perth Locksmiths WA) recognise this reality and have their people placed in different suburbs so they can cater to it. 

Do locksmith’s prices differ by time of day or night?

Yes, prices differ depending on the time of day or night you require a locksmith’s service. 

As a rule of thumb, if you request a locksmith’s services during the day, you will pay a rate of around $45 to $60. At night, you will pay a premium for these services which could be as high as an extra $50 or $100 to $250 on top. How much you pay will depend on what time of night you place your call for service. Or, whether you request it on the weekends (expect to pay a premium for a weekend call out which could be as high as 50-75% on top of the weekday cost). 

Is it worthwhile comparing locksmith’s quotes? 

If you have a lot of time on your hands, by all means, go ahead and compare costs. But try and keep comparisons to 3 quotes or two. You will not find the costs Locksmiths in Perth charge different enough to warrant calling and inspecting more than 3 quotes for a given job. 

How can you save when it comes to changing the locks on your front door?

Here’s a few ideas our staff have spent an afternoon putting together for you:


  • Try and avoid making everything an ‘emergency’


Locksmiths charge by the hour, yes, but they also charge according to the urgency of the job. 

If your job is very urgent – say your ‘baby’ is locked inside the house, the Locksmith has to drop everything else they are doing and attend to your call. 

Your baby being locked up in your home is an emergency, so it’s valid to call for ‘Emergency Locksmith Assistance’ should this occur.  But let’s say you want your locksmith to open your door in 30 minutes because you want to go shopping – that is not an emergency. 

If you want to save money, avoid calling it one. 


  • Choose a Locksmith who is ‘local’


A Locksmith who is Local will simply use less fuel to drive to you. At the end of the day, what you pay for to get any service delivered is a business owner’s fixed costs  (such as travel to you) plus a small margin on top to compensate them for their expertise. 

Going ‘local’ has to mean, you’ll save – provided the locksmith you choose has placed Integrity at the centre of their business, i.e., they don’t charge you any more than they should. 


  • Consider rekeying your Locks instead of changing them 


When Locksmiths rekey your locks, they change the order of the pins inside them. 

They then just need to issue you with a new key they will fashion right in front of you in a few minutes. Rekeying a lock whose key you’ve misplaced or lost means the price you pay will drop significantly by at least 30%. 

If savings are ’key’ to you – these three simple tips will help you enjoy them while you change a front door lock or rekey it. Please feel free to share them on Facebook should you wish to. 

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