The art of locksmithing dates back to before you and I existed. It’s an art that is both complicated and intriguing, amazing people worldwide on a day-to-day basis. Surely, when you are in need of a locksmith, your situation may be at least a little hectic, and thus, only after your locksmith has done his duty, do you get to appreciate the work of art it really is.


Based on the impeccable work that Perth Locksmith WA has been providing to their clients, it’s no surprise that when it comes to Perth’s locksmith’s, they are the ones to follow.


But for Perth Locksmith WA to get to where they are today, quite a few people had to set the trend. These people have gone down in history for their remarkable work, creations and findings.


Let’s take a look at who they were and what they had to offer:



Jeremiah Chubb

The detector lock was invented by Jeremiah Chubb in the 1800’s. The lock was created for a competition where Jeremiah Chubb was able to win £100 having created the best lock. The reason for this competition was that a Dockyard had been broken into and the British government then announced a competition looking for the best locksmith, one who could create a lock that would only be opened with the key that had been designed for it. Jeremiah Chubb’s lock was special in that it detected whether or not the original key was the one that was making attempts to open the lock. Provided it was not, the lock would stop working.


Robert Barron

Robert Barron is known for his double-acting tumbler lock. This lock was designed in attempt to bring more security to locks, thus making them more effective than they had previously been. In 1778 Robert Barron succeeded and his lock was patented.

Joseph Bramah

After Robert Barron, there was Joseph Bramah who created the safety lock in 1784. His lock was deemed non-pickable. Starting his own locksmith company, Joseph Bramah decided to captivate those who walked by his store by offering a reward to those who could pick the lock he had showcased in his window. It took 67 years for this lock to be faced by someone who was successful. Today, Joseph Bramah’s lock can be seen in the Science Museum in London.

James Sargent

In the 1850’s James Sargent created a combination lock that was key changeable, it was the first of its kind. His popularity surged in the United States as his locks became the lock of choice for the United States Railroad company. James Sargent joined forces with Halbert Greenleaf, starting a company in 1865.

Samuel Segal

Holding over twenty patents, Samuel Segal, a once upon a time New York City policeman, invented the jimmy proof lock. His accomplishments were made in the earlier part of the 1900’s.

Harry Soref

Harry Soref improved and patented a form of the padlock in the 1920’s. His padlock was exceptionally strong and created from layers of steel.

Linus Yale Sr. and Linus Yale Jr.

In 1848, the pin tumbler lock was brought to creation by Linus Yale. However, his son, Linus Yale Jr. came with the same love for locksmithing and as a mechanical engineer and lock manufacturer; he improved upon his father’s creation, making a cylinder pin tumbler lock.  Things however, didn’t stop there for Linus Yale Jr, in the 1860’s he invented the modern combination lock.

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