We are Perth Locksmiths WA. A family-owned business, our purpose is to restore your security, along with your keys – should you lose them.

A 24X7 service, we work 365 days a year. We do outcalls to all of Perth, so no matter where you are located, we will have a van out to you, in no time at all.

We Are Serious About Security

We are members of the Australian Institute of Policing, as well as the Master Locksmith’s Association.

Reliable, and honest, no job is too basic or complex for us.

Being Locked Out Of Your Home Can Be An Unsettling Experience

At Perth Locksmiths WA, we fully understand and empathise with that. So what we do is provide you with a Locksmith who is not only ‘competent’ but also ‘friendly,’ approachable’ and trained to provide you with ‘service with a smile’ and the ‘assurance’ you need until we get you back ‘safely’ in your home.

It can be a jungle out there

What with locksmith’s constantly undercutting each other on price. Many promises the world, but few deliver it.

At Perth Locksmiths WA, we ‘hope’ we belong to the former category.

With more than 15 years experience, ‘opening doors’ for people in homes, cars, and offices, we are trusted for our work as well as the integrity with which we deliver it.

Fast wheels, excellent deals

What 15 years in the locksmith trade have taught us is that speed and price are of the essence when it comes to the service we provide our customers with. So we take great pains to ensure we excel at both.

We have a fleet of vans waiting to take your call as you make it.

We benchmark prices, constantly, to ensure we are competitive and that our customers’ are receiving the best possible value they can from us, at every point in time.

Why suffer the loss when we can help you overcome it?

To get back into your home, car or office, call us on 0403 232 113. Keep our number handy in your wallet. Or enter it on your mobile phone, so you can call us, whenever you need us.