Our property is always valuable to us and when our residence is in question, each of us wants it to be as secure as possible. Our homes and offices are meant to be safe places for us and we should thus be willing to take as many measures as we can to keep them secure.

With so many security options available in the market now, it can be difficult to choose the right ones for your property and that is where your locksmith comes into play. At Perth Locksmiths WA, we offer a wide range of security solutions and our team of locksmiths will willingly tour your home or office to advise you on the best solutions for it!

Here is a list of security solutions brought to you by Perth Locksmiths WA that you can consider to ensure the safety of your property:

Home Security Systems

The best way to keep your home secure is a Home Security System because most of the times, if not all, it guarantees security. A  Home Security System provides you with a code which only you know of to lock your house every time you go to sleep or leave the house. The alarm is set to go off if any intruder entry is suspected. This alarm not only scares the burglars away but also instantly notifies your security provider and a team is then sent to ensure your security.

Perth Locksmiths WA can provide you with and install top quality home security systems to ensure the safety of your family and valuables. Nowadays, technological advancements have helped create a new generation of home security systems that are linked and can be run by WIFI connections.

These are much more convenient as you can simply turn them on or off using the WIFI on your phone no matter where you are and are also more secure as they prevent any sort of hacking or breakage.

Access Control

A better option to consider for the security of commercial properties is access control systems that are designed to limit the access of people into and out of offices. There are a wide variety of access control systems to consider including stand alone locks, hardwired electronic strikes, swipe cards, intercoms, chip readers and keypad to remote locks.

Electronic locksets are a good option to consider as they virtually combine multiple access control systems without any visible wires getting tangled. These will prevent you the hassle of a keychain full of keys and just a simple card that fits in your wallet will do the trick.

Buildings with multiple offices prefer these locks as they prevent any access by intruders and unwanted personnel.

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