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Smart Locks

Control Who Enters and Leaves Your Office Using Smart Locks from Perth Locksmiths WA

Smart Locks are the present – not the future

Smart Locks offer improved security combined with easy access. Smart Lock Technology is available in Perth today.  Brought to you by Perth Locksmiths WA, based in Osborne Park (Perth City), we advise our clients on how they can make their business premises more secure using Smart Locks.


Smart Locks give you what you want: Control

They allow you to set the parameters for staff, consultants and suppliers in the office. Rather than each person coming and going as and when they please (which is a security risk), you can set access and timers on the locks on your premises using your mobile phone or your laptop. Perth Locksmiths can show you how.


Why keep tabs on people when you can keep logs?

The whole purpose of owning and operating an SME business is so you’re not locked into a corporate culture or lifestyle. You set the rules, you monitor and change them – whenever you feel they aren’t working for you, as well as they once did.

Smart Locks give you ‘real-time’ access to whose entering your office and whose leaving it. In case of theft, this is extremely valuable and can be used as ‘evidence’ in a Court of Law.

But even if theft isn’t a reason for you to install Smart Locks in your office, you will find they offer other benefits. Like monitoring staff presence, availability, productivity – all of which add to your bottom line and help you improve it.


You were given a Voice to use it

Smart Lock Technology is Voice Activated. Whether you’re using Apple’s Siri, G-Talk or OK Google, it will do what you command it to.  Let’s say, you’re stuck in a traffic jam and your employees can’t get into your office because you’re the only one with the key to it.

All you have to do is access the Smart Lock app on your phone and give a voice command to “Open Door”. And hey presto, like Aladdin and his magic lamp, you’ve ‘Opened Sesame’ – the door for your staff who can rush in and do what they’re supposed to – work!


Rely less on staff and sickies – Install Smart Locks to Avoid Lockout Situations at Your Workplace 

Every boss has a few loyal staff they rely on. These staff are given what few are: the keys to the office.

But what happens if a loyal staff member falls sick and has to take a sickie?  It doesn’t look good if other employees are left stranded outside the company front door.

In these situations, Smart Locks really demonstrate their value. Without even getting out of bed, as a business-owner, you can open your heart and your company’s doors to them!


Perth Locksmiths WA is an expert in Smart Lock Installations  

We have been installing such locks to secure business owners’ premises for several years. We know the technology and we’ve tested it on our own doors – and our customers. Smart lock Technology works. If you would like to secure your business premises with it, please reach out or call us on 0403 232 113.


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