When it comes to public utilities or commercial improvements, getting it down to the tiniest details can mean a lot of difference. For example, one way to provide reasonable security and aesthetics to your toilet or washroom is to add a privacy indicator bolt. 

This washroom hardware does not just provide added security. Instead, it is used to indicate whether someone is using the toilet or not. But in hindsight, toilet door indicator bolts and washroom hardware installation can become a perplexing job. 

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Why You Need to Have Privacy Indicator Locks Installed in Your Business

Safety and security are crucial to keeping yourself comfortable in today’s business setting. It is what an indicator lock provides, allowing you to devote time for yourself without feeling pried unknowingly. 

Privacy indicator locks ensure the toilet occupant gets the right amount of security when using the stall. It also contributes to the reliability of not being caught off-guard when the door is pushed or pulled. 

But more than anything else, indicator safety locks preserve your privacy during intimate moments. Almost all privacy bolts are equipped with an indicator that stops intruders from breaking into your personal space. In addition, it has an occupied or in-use hand, which is often enough to prevent someone from forcing themselves into the stall. 

Common Public Areas Where Privacy Indicator Locks is Also Required

Public areas, commercial spaces, and offices require toilet door indicator bolts. Locations where people tend to share common areas and personal space need these indicator locks.

Aside from public and office restrooms, there are other areas where privacy indicator bolts are necessary. An indicator lock is a multipurpose tool for business owners, preventing complaints and putting your business in a bad light. 

Some of the common areas requiring the use of a door indicator bolt include:

  • Gym dressing rooms 
  • Hospital toilets
  • Shopping centre restrooms
  • Office restrooms
  • Lactating rooms
  • Night club toilets

These areas with an in-use/vacant indicator prevent the ‘oops’ moments from happening. In addition, it secures the person’s privacy and allows a person to know if someone is using the cubicle. 

Why Choosing the Right Toilet Door Indicator Installer is Important?

Generally, these toilet locks incorporate a simple contraption on the door inside. The thumb-turn feature gives occupants the privacy they need while also allowing people to know someone is using the cubicle. 

Some of the most common toilet door indicator bolts include:

  • Traditional-style toilet indicator bolts
  • Surface mounted bolts
  • Concealed fixed mortices
  • Centred turn knobs
  • Disabled toilet indicator bolts 

Choosing the right security locks can become complicated if you do not know what to look for. Additionally, getting the right accompanying toilet or washroom hardware adds to the burden of the purchase. 

Getting the help of professionals will uncomplicate things for you. At Perth Locksmith, we guarantee to provide the best service. For example, we have you covered if you need to install a new toilet door indicator bolt in your office or commercial space. 

Getting Professional Installation and Maintenance in Perth 

There are specific reasons why it’s always essential to have privacy bolts installed and maintained by professionals. For one, the level of the installation process is not as easy as most doorknob installations are. 

It would help to have a security lock installed nicely and evenly to prevent lock-ins. More importantly, this apparatus must be aligned perfectly to work as intended. Getting the right team to install and maintain your restroom door indicator bolts can save your business hundreds of dollars from constant repair or purchases. 

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Why choose Perth Locksmith to take care of toilet door indicator installation?

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Can I have someone come out in the middle of the night to have our door locks installed or repaired?

We provide emergency services anywhere within the Perth area and adjoining suburbs. Call us any time, and rest assured that we will get to your location in no time. We are available 24/7 for both residential and commercial emergency locksmithing services. 

Does a warranty cover your work?

We stand by our company’s vision of providing quality service to residents in Perth. Our locksmithing service is not just affordable, but we also cover our craft with a warranty. Call us if you are not satisfied, and we’d be happy to correct any issue with your toilet door indicator lock. 

How do I know you won’t con me with a subpar installation or repair for the toilet door indicator bolt?

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