We have designed our home security guide with 5 tips on how to improve your front door security: upgrade your locks when needed, check your door and windows security, start implementing windowless doors, use a deadbolt for wooden doors, and extra measures and tips. It is time to choose the best Perth Locksmith.


Your home security matters to us. The idea of a burglar breaking into your home or having the thought of being unsafe at your place is not an option. Here we have the best tips to try to keep your home safe all year long.



1) Upgrade your Locks when needed


An upgrade at the correct time can improve your home security. Locks do not need regular maintenance as other aspects of your home. However, it is very important to make sure that your locks are not broken, old or rusted. 


There is no specific time to upgrade your locks but there are various situations where changing your lock becomes unavoidable. Some examples are: you lose your keys, you have moved, home burglary, lock damage, among others. So, when you need to upgrade your locks, get in touch with an experienced Perth Locksmith ASAP to get it done.



2) Check your Door and Windows Security


 It is highly recommended that you ask a Professional Locksmith to review your door and window security, which includes all internal doors and garages. You have to make sure that no one can kick your door or window and enter your house if you are away.


Keep an eye on your doors and make sure you have the most appropriate locks. Bear in mind that doors and windows should have different locks depending on their material and size. You can not use the same locks with a wooden door than with a glass door or a PVC door.



3) Start Installing Windowless Doors


A door with windows will let more light into your home and is convenient for your home. However, it is risky. It is very easy for a burglar to smash the window and unlock the door from inside. It sounds like the typical movie scene but that situation also happens in real life.


Depending on the type of door and window that you have, we can suggest the ideal lock for your home. Protect today and avoid feeling sorry tomorrow. 


If you decide to keep using doors with windows, we recommend you to add some security measures. Make sure the glass is reinforced. The best way to do that is to install a security door. Contact a Reputable Locksmith in Perth to get a quote for security door installation. Those tips will stop the burglar from reaching through and entering your house.



4) Use a Deadbolt for Wooden Doors


Do you know what makes a door stronger? Its lock, so that means that you have to make sure you have the best one available in the market. Consider having a bolt of 2.5 centimetres in length to avoid a break-in. Price is another factor when choosing a deadbolt or any item in general, it is worth the money.



5) Extra measures and tips


Apart from following all the tips that we mentioned above, there are other things that you can do. You can install a door chain to your door. It is very useful when you just want to check who is at your door before opening. 


You can add a letterbox guard to prevent fishing. Usually, thieves try to remove your house keys through your letterbox. Did you know that letterboxes can be fitted to PVC, wooden and composite doors? That makes it easy when you decide to add one, as it can be used in different materials.


Another good tip to improve your front door security is to get a security light that illuminates the entrance door. Your entrance door will be well lit all year long, very positive for those dark winter nights, as well as always illuminate any suspicious activity. Burglars are attracted to darkness, that is why it is always good to have good lights around the house. 


Another amazing burglar killer is installing a security camera. Security cameras are already used in some public places, such as underground areas, banks and other types of shops. We highly recommend having one at home. This might deter any potential burglar, whether it is real or fake.  Its presence will immediately scare them and they won’t risk it.


We hope that these 5 tips are useful. If you decide to take steps, contact us to find out how we can help you improve your home security.


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