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    Transponder Keys Perth All Make And Model Cars

    Modern-day cars come with transponder keys. These keys contain microchips, which are able to communicate with the onboard computer in the car. If the chip sends the right message to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) of the car, the engine immobiliser turns off and the engine starts. However, if the chip fails to communicate with the ECU or sends a wrong message, the car will not start. This feature is an additional safety measure in all cars built after 1995. The engine of such cars will start only when the right key is turned in the ignition. Even a key without a button will allow the car to start if it sends the right message to the ECU.

    transponder keys perth

    Transponder Keys? We Come To You Call Perth Locksmith Wa

    While the transponder keys add to the safety of the car, it also makes the car immovable if one loses the key. Under such circumstances, one would need the help of an automotive locksmith. At Perth Locksmiths, we are well equipped to meet such requirements. Although we deal in all kinds of locksmithing tasks, we offer specialised automotive locksmithing services. We are able to offer you high-quality transponder keys in Perth at low costs.

    Perth Locksmiths – the transponder key experts  

    If you need the services of an automotive locksmith to rekey, cut, or duplicate your transponder keys, Perth Locksmiths are the right people to go to. Our automotive locksmiths offer a wide range of services like:

    Cutting transponder keys

    Modern cars with the embedded chip in the key head help to communicate correctly with the car. If a wrong key is turned in the ignition or a key without a transponder is used, the car will not start. Therefore, if you misplaced your car keys and you are unable to start your car, you may need the service of an automotive locksmith. At Locksmiths Perth, we have every facility to cut the transponder key quickly so that you can start the engine easily and get going soon.

    Ignition re-coding

    If you lose your car keys or if it is stolen, one of the first things to do is to change the programming of your keys and ignition. If not, you will be at the mercy of the people who had picked your car, or who finds your lost key, as they will have full access to it. Perth Locksmiths help you to re-code and re-program your ignition. This ensures that the lost key is useless and cannot be used to start the car. We also make the new set of keys compliant with the ignition by rekeying it. Our reprogramming is as easy as changing the knob of your car.

    Transponder key duplication and replacement

    It is always advisable to keep multiple sets of keys with you. We offer key duplication and replacement services too. Our transponder key duplication services ensure that if at all you lose your original key, you will not be locked out of the car because you can use the spare key made by us. Moreover, duplication is easier and cheaper if we have a spare key.

    An Inside Peek into a Transponder Key

    Transponder keys are a game changer in auto security systems, making them an industry standard for the past ten years. However, while most cars operate using a transponder key, we know little about it. 

    How Does a Transponder Key Look?

    Like an average key, a transponder is a metal piece with tiny laser cuts called bittings. And like the conventional key, a transponder is inserted into your car’s ignition to start the engine.

    What makes a transponder unique is the added level of security that comes with it. Its head usually has a distinct black cover, notably different from the blade. The cover houses a radio frequency identification (RFID) microchip that communicates with your car’s ignition system.

    How Can a Transponder Key Prevent Your Car from Theft?

    Transponder keys were introduced in the ‘90s to fight the increasing car theft rate. The microchip that comes with a transponder contains data that auto manufacturers use to store unique codes specific to your car to enhance its anti-theft features. 

    When the key turns the ignition lock cylinder of your car, an induction coil or antenna usually located around the ignition activates the microchip inside your key. This allows it to send out low-frequency radio waves containing a unique code. If the code matches, your engine will start. A conventional car metal key lacks this function. 

    Before the creation of transponders, thieves would hot wire cars to bypass the ignition switch and start the car’s engine. With the implementation of transponder technology, those methods no longer prove useful. Without the correct signal from a transponder, your vehicle will not start.

    Considering all facts mentioned above, a transponder appears to be the heart of your car’s safety system. Therefore, it is paramount to secure it at all times to avoid damage or loss. Because of its complexity, fixing and duplicating a transponder key requires special programming only expert locksmiths can provide. 

    No two chips are alike because they come in different types depending on your car’s manufacturer. Even the appearance of transponder keys varies since the key casings are designed differently by car makers. 


    Can You Start Your Car Without A Transponder Key?

    The simple answer is no. Without inserting the transponder key into the ignition, it cannot signal your car’s receiver to deactivate the vehicle’s immobilizer. The signal transmits a particular code that the car needs to recognize. It acts as an electronic authorization for your ignition to start. Without it, there is no natural way to get your engine running.

    Is a Transponder and a Remote Key Fob the Same?

    Although a transponder may appear to be a standard key, it has microchip technology that verifies your vehicle, allowing it to unlock the door or start the engine once your keys are inserted into the lock or ignition. 

    On the other hand, a key fob is a type of key that resembles a remote that has a couple of tiny buttons on it. The key fob is meant to provide the benefit of convenience by allowing you the ease of locking or unlocking your car without having to put your keys in the lock each time.

    In gist, a transponder is originally designed to enhance user security through RFID verification. In contrast, a remote key fob provides effortless accessibility by controlling your car’s central locking system.

    Is a Transponder Key Considered a Smart Key?

    We have heard the term smart keys a lot in the auto industry. These types of keys are considered hybrid because they combine a transponder and a remote key fob. Therefore, this single key contains the technology that allows you to access your car and start it.

    The evolution of the smart key now allows keyless ignition, where you can start your car with a push of a button, given that your smart key is inside your vehicle. What’s fascinating is that the more advanced smart keys allow you to manage more of your car’s features, such as climate control systems and unique parking features. For example, with just a press of a button, your vehicle can independently park on its own. 

    Why choose us for transponder keys in Perth?

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