At some point, we all went to our front door and started looking through our pockets or backpacks. So you need help locating the key and realise that you’ve locked yourself out.

Being locked out of your home might be a huge issue or a slight inconvenience. Locking yourself out later at night, especially during a chilly winter month, might be perilous.

It is pointless to cry over spilled milk. You need to get inside your house as soon as possible. Here are some suggestions for how to go about it.

  1. Check the other doors

The first option is likely the most obvious. If you were careless enough to end up trapped outside the house, you might have failed to secure some of your other doors. Check your home’s additional entrance points, including the patio, garage, and side doors. One of them may be available.

A word of caution: Never try to force an outside door open. You will not only damage the door, but you may also injure yourself.

  1. Look at the first-floor windows

If all the doors are locked, a window on the first floor may be open. Many people lock their doors but only sometimes fasten their windows. If you come upon a window large enough to climb through, carefully remove the screen and inspect the inside before entering. You wouldn’t want to crush your plants or knock over your grandmother’s treasured vase.

Entering through a window is another chance to injure oneself, so use caution.

  1. Locate Someone Who Might Have a Key

Depending on where you live, your significant other, roommate, or even a family member may have a duplicate key. For example, “I’m locked out of my house,” you tell them. If you rent, your landlord will most likely have a spare set of keys. You must make arrangements to meet them to pick them up. If you reside in an apartment, notify the superintendent that you have locked yourself out.

If you live in a large apartment complex, carry identification. 

Because the managers may not know everyone who lives there, they may ask you to identify yourself before opening your door.

  1. Ask for Help

If you’ve locked yourself out, it’s doubtful that you have any tools on hand that you could use to get back in, such as a screwdriver, a coat hanger, bobby pins, or other objects that could be used to unlock your door or a window in an emergency.

On the other hand, your neighbours may be able to assist you. Most neighbours are willing to lend these items to someone locked out of their home. They may invite you inside for a cup of coffee or hot cocoa if it’s a cold day or night. Listen to their advice on how to get back inside your house.

  1. Pay using a Credit Card

Some dislike this method, but it might work if you have a spring latch. Credit cards will not function if your front door has a deadbolt. Instead, choose a laminated card that is more flexible and performs better. 

Don’t use a credit card you rely on because this method will eat it up. Instead, you have just shown how easy it is for anyone to break into your home; call a locksmith immediately if you manage to get in.

  1. Take off the doorknob

Another option that few people recommend, but it might work if you’re desperate. To remove the exterior doorknob, you’ll need a screwdriver. 

A little latch is located towards the base of the knob. Remove the knob by pushing it in. Pull the lock back with the screwdriver or your finger.

  1. Hire a Locksmith

When all else fails, hire a professional. Professional locksmiths are always available to assist customers in times of need. They are speedy and efficient, and you will be back inside your house in no time. So if you live in Perth or nearby, call us and say, “I’ve locked myself out of my house.” So we’ll get there as soon as we can.

How to Avoid Lockouts?

After you’ve gotten back into your house, the next problem is figuring out how to avoid being locked out again.

  1. Keep a set of spare keys hidden. 

You need a secure hiding place for this tactic to succeed. That does not include behind the front mat, a fake-looking rock, or your mailbox. A potential thief would seek a key in these places first. Instead, choose a tree in the back of your property and nail your key to the side facing away from the road and your home. 

Another option is to tape an extra key to your outside air conditioning unit, but in a location where you won’t injure yourself reaching for it and where it won’t damage the machine.

  1. Share a Spare with a Neighbor.

The individual you ask to keep your extra key does not have to be someone from your neighbourhood. It may be anyone in the area who is trustworthy. It’s a good idea to provide someone nearby with a spare house key, especially if you’ve locked yourself out more than once.

  1. Consider a keyless or intelligent lock.

These new alternatives are not as costly as you would imagine. Keyless or smart locks can use codes or even an app on your smartphone to gain access to your home. However, if you desire this type of lock, get it installed by a professional locksmith.

  1. Make it a habit to pick up your keys.

Try keeping your keys in the same place as other goods you always need to take when you leave the house, such as your wallet or phone. 

Another possibility is to hang a notice near or on the front entrance that says, “Did you remember the house keys?”

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