Perth Locksmiths WA provides all Perth suburbs with high quality locksmith services, including Access Control locksmith needs. At Perth Locksmith WA, we provide residents and business owners with a full line of products and high quality Access Control solutions. Whether you are tired of a key chain filled with keys, or just tired of using keys, we offer solutions that make life more manageable. We install Access Control locks designed for both home and business that are top of the line.

We provide our customers with:

  • Stand Alone Locks
  • Hardwired Electronic Strikes
  • Mortice Locks
  • Mag Locks
  • Swipe Cards
  • Proximity Cards
  • Readers
  • Chip Readers
  • Intercoms
  • Keypad to Remote Locking and Unlocks

And, more….

About Access Control Systems

Our range of access control solutions range from electric strikes and intercoms to readers and proximity cards and more. Access control is a convenient means to secure a dwelling and replaces the traditional lock and key with electronic “cyber lock” cylinders. Cyber keys work in conjunction with the cyber lock cylinder and can be configured to permit or forbid access to a user within seconds.

access control systems
The cylinders are free of cables and operate on a small lithium battery in the head which powers the locks cylinder, which eliminates the risk of lockout situations. Cyber software is used to program and maintain the entire system, and the system is available in a with a range of features, including knob sets, padlocks, key switches, cam locks and mortise locks.

Why Choose Perth Locksmiths WA?

The supply and installation of access control systems is a specialty at Perth Locksmiths WA. Our locksmiths install, repair and replace access control systems in commercial, business and residential dwellings. The performance and security of the system depends on many factors. Our electronic locksmiths are required to pass strict access control installation theory and practical knowledge testing to ensure they can provide the highest standards in operations.
Our Perth locksmiths have years of experience and perform simple to complex installations, repairs and replacements of access control systems. We offer a range of top of the line products and perform each job with state of the art equipment and expert knowledge that is unsurpassed within the industry. Our services are affordable and conveniently arranged to ensure convenience. Perth Locksmiths WA has earned the reputation of being Perth’s reliable office and home locksmiths who provide professional services that are affordable.

Our services are reliable and first-class.

Perth Locksmiths WA prides itself on our specialty in Access Control Systems. Ensuring ease of use and security for a very affordable price earned us fame and a good reputation.  

We are professional, and experts in what we do, and our products are top-notch, offering a wide variety of access control locks. We have stand alone locks, swipe cards, mortice locks, mag locks, and more!

Professional and experienced locksmiths.

Each of our electronic locksmiths passed certification exams in installation theory training and practical knowledge testing. So aside from being fully trained and equipped with the right skills to provide quality work, they also possess abundant experience. 

Our electronic locksmiths use state-of-the-art tools. Having years of experience handling simple installations to complex repairs and replacements, our locksmiths are unmatched.

Affordable, Quality work

Perth Locksmith WA values customer satisfaction over anything else.

Our supplies are updated and new, so rest assured that the products have the best quality and are ready to use. With an affordable price, you have yourself a great deal.

Give us the word, and we will get it done.

Perth is a safe community for tourists and business owners alike, but it may not always be the case after dark. So not only does it warrant safety, making sure the premises stay protected, but it will also help you track unauthorized access. 

So, instead of waiting for an unfortunate event, why not save yourself the loss and reach out to us now? Contact us at 0403 232 113 or email us at

We are available anytime, every day.

We operate 24/7 from Monday to Sunday, 7 Days a week, 365 days a year. We always make ourselves available to our most valued customers.


My Access Card is lost/stolen. What should I do?

Call our hotline and immediately report it to us so we can deactivate it so it can no longer have permission to access the locks.

We will then process a new one immediately so you can regain access to your locks. Furthermore, if the deactivated card gets used again, our system will detect it, and we will give you an update.

Can I make temporary passes that are only usable for a limited time?

Yes, Perth Locksmiths WA can help you create temporary passes for visitors and guests that they can use for a limited time.

We can help you modify how long you need them to function and stay active, so you will have what you need. Give us a quick call, and we will make time for you.

What happens if there is a power/electricity failure?

Access Control Systems will still serve their purpose without electricity if you have a battery backup plan. 

Does it record the time and location of use?

Yes, it does. Access Control Systems records their usage in the database, providing information such as the date, location, and other information saved on that card.

Furthermore, you can call Perth Locksmiths WA to help you configure how often or frequently you will get the reports and data.

Can I customize the card for a brand or personal preference?

Yes, you can add your photo or brand logo to your card. We can also assign numerical values to your guest and visitor cards for better tracking.

If you wish to know more, kindly reach out so we can provide you with all the details to maximize your use of Perth Locksmiths WA’s Access Control Systems.

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