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At Perth Locksmiths WA, clients call us with a number of questions and concerns about our locksmith services. Our experts have put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions for your convenience.

1. What is the difference between a Transponder Key and a regular car key?

A car key that has a small computer chip installed inside of it is called a Transponder key. The car itself will not start without a transponder key unless the computer chip inside of the Transponder Key can be detected by the car’s interior computer. This way a car’s security is increased since the chip makes the vehicle that much more difficult to steal. The only disadvantage is that when you need a transponder car key replaced, not only does the key gets cut but also additional programming service is also required which is expensive as compared to regular car key.

2. Should I really have my new locks re-keyed?

Yes, Perth Locksmiths WA recommends having new locks re-keyed. It is a good idea to have the lock re-keyed if you decide to purchase a less expensive hardware store brand of the lockset. Sometimes hardware store lock sets have identical keys in separate lock packages of the same model of lock. Someone who buys the same lock as yours can use his key to unlock your lock.

3. How do you determine the price for a lockout?

Some customers assume that there is a set price for each lockout service without recognizing that each lockout is unique and requires a different amount of labour as well as techniques to complete. For example, a lockout service for an older vehicle from the 90s will be cheaper than a lockout service for a 2016 vehicle because of many reasons.

Firstly, a locksmith is responsible for the work he is completing on the automobile, therefore a less expensive car has a lower risk of getting any damage, whereas the more expensive vehicle would be extremely sensitive to damage.

The second reason is the amount of security within the car. Newer model cars have highly sophisticated security systems inside of the vehicle. Sometimes a locksmith can’t even help with these types of lockouts due to the amount of security. So, basically, the cost of a service is determined according to the amount of risk in damage that the technician must take in a lockout, along with the amount of security that the vehicle has.

Perth Locksmiths WA will continue to update you with more answers from our experts to your FAQs about locksmith services. Remember we are available 24/7 to handle all of your Automotive, Commercial and Residential Locksmith needs. Call us now at 0403 232 113.


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