As a business, it is critically essential that you have proper exit devices installed in order to keep all the occupants inside the commercial building safe in case of fire or any other emergency.

Depending on how many occupants are inside the building, exit door devices are usually installed on the side of the door which swings out to open. This way no unauthorised person can access inside through the door but in the case of emergency the occupants inside can easily leave. Exit door devices can accommodate the rapid flow of people rushing to leave a building.

How to Install Exit Devices Correctly?

Mortice lock exit devices, vertical rod exit devices, and rim lock exit devices are the 3 most commonly used varieties of exit devices today.

Rim locks are named after the rim lock latches and are the most commonly used variety since early 1900s. Rim locks are mounted on top of the door frame with a latch positioned over the surface strike.

Mortice lock Exit Devices are usually attached within the door’s pocket. These are made of a mortise lock sans deadbolt. You need to push in the push bars until the tail shaft (a.k.a spindle) turns to release the latch bolt and lets the door open.

Bolt type exit devices, when locked, cause the deadbolt latch to move and touch the strike by minimising the space between the bolt and the strike.

The exit devices installed are either non fire rated (i.e. panic bars) or fire rated exits.

Panic Bars

Panic bars comprise of a door latching and an activation mechanism that makes the door to unlatch to open up in the direction of the way out, whenever a force is applied to it. A maximum of 15 pounds unlatching force is needed for the panic latch to be able to get operated by any regular person.

Fire Rated Exit Bars

Fire rated exit bars are supposed to only get fitted onto fire proof doors to help provide a barrier for smoke or flames inside the commercial building. The fire exit door closes by itself and automatically latches as well. The best thing about these fire exits is they do not get locked from opening to the outside. Anybody inside the building can rush out through the door easily in case of fire emergencies.

You will need to hire a professional “Locksmiths in Perth” for the installation of exit door devices in your commercial building.

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