Safety is an issue for every property owner. One common issue is lost keys, which is a reason to have the locks on a home or office changed. There are other reasons, as well, including:

The home is a new home
You lost your keys
Your home has been broken into
You have lost your keys
The existing lock on your home is worn and temperamental
Your current lock is not a high-security lock and you’d like to upgrade
You want a master key system to be able to unlock all doors with one key
You’ve given out keys to neighbors, contractors, relatives, etc. over the years and want to secure your home in case the keys have fallen into the hands of the wrong people

Because not all locks are constructed the same, not all lock changes will be the same.

Rekeying and Replacing

While a lock set comes with a template that folds over the edge of the door if a new hole is needed. The template locates the hole center. While this is a saving, a hole saw does not come with a lock set and add expense, as well as can be difficult to use. Locksmiths are called to handle more complex issues like lock replacement projects. If the existing lock is in good shape, rekeying the lock may be possible. Rekeying a lock is simply purchasing new tumblers of different sizes and changing the tumblers of the lock cylinder. When you rekey a lock, a new key is made to coincide with the new tumbler. Rekeying a lock is cheaper than having a lock change. If you are the DIY type homeowner, rekeying kits are available at hardware stores. Included in the kit is two keys with instructions and the necessary tools, with the exception of pliers and a screwdriver), to complete the job yourself. You will need an old key to using to remove the lock cylinder plug. The new key is then used to rekey the existing lock.

DIY Options

Locksmiths are always an option and an option that many property owners choose as not all have DIY skills. For those that do have DIY
skills, you’ll enjoy knowing that you have the option to make locksmith repairs like rekeying your locks, yourself.

Rekeyable Locks

Rekeyable lock sets come with two standard keys and a reset key. The reset key is used to neutralize the pins inside the tumbler. This is done by inserting the key into the lock. Once in a neutral position, the pins are set into a new configuration, matching a new lock key from the same manufacturer.

The process to key a lock takes a homeowner about 15 to 30 seconds. It is also an option that costs only a few dollars; whereas a locksmith normally costs between $45 to $50

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