Today, most vehicles are alarmed with a keyless entry system.  These systems are considered to be an advanced locking & anti-thief system.  While both passive and active alarm systems are similar in nature and performance, there is a difference as passive commands are automatic, whereas active commands are manual. Of the two, a passive system is often considered to be the best choice as many experts feel that it is the most effective of the two.  In other words, an active system requires the vehicle owner’s participation.


Passive Anti-Theft Systems


Vehicle owners whose vehicle is equipped with a passive alarm and anti-theft system are systems that are armed automatically.  For instance, when the ignition of the vehicle is shut off, and the owner removes the key, or when the doors are locked, there are not further commands necessary, or extra action that must be performed by the driver to activate the system.  Passive alarm and anti-theft systems offer many different features, and can include alarms that sound or lights that flash when a burglar tries to gain entry into the vehicle.  Anti-theft features also include cutting off the ignition, proximity sensors, fuel system cutoff, vehicle tracking devices and motion sensors.  The system is one that is advanced in the industry and one that helps to protect a vehicle from burglary and theft.


Active Anti-Theft Systems


With an active anti-theft system, the driver’s participation is necessary to arm the vehicle.  It will not automatically arm itself when the doors to the vehicle are locked.  You’ll find that the features of the anti-theft system can be much like that of the passive system with the difference being the need for the driver’s participation.  This type of system most often includes mechanical devices that require installation in the vehicle and must be armed by the vehicle owner, such as external locks for the steering wheel.


The Pros and Cons of the Systems


The main disadvantage of the passive system and the reason that many security experts prefer and suggest an active system over the passive is that driver participation is necessary to arm the passive system.  To arm the vehicle, the driver must manually make commands.  If the driver fails to do so, the system is not activated, leaving the vehicle vulnerable.  With an active system, the vehicle is armed automatically, regardless of the driver’s participation.


You’ll find that today, many anti-theft systems switch between passive and active modes.  This offers vehicle owners the advantage of both systems.


Insurance Discounts


Vehicle owners that equip their vehicle with an anti-theft system are often offered a discount on their insurance.  While each insurance provider may vary in their requirements, most do offer a discount if the vehicle is equipped with a passive system.  You may find that your insurance company categorises anti-theft systems according to their features.  Others may offer a discount for any anti-theft system that is installed on a vehicle.  With a passive or active system, contact your insurance provider to determine if you are eligible for a discount on your insurance.


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