Have you ever considered changing the locks of the doors in your home? You may want to have a Residential Locksmith like us on speed dial if you have to change the locks. After all, you can never be too safe no matter how many safety precautions you take. There could be someone who will try to cause you harm, whether physically or financially. Perth Locksmiths gives four reasons to change the locks in your home.

reason change locks home

reason change locks home

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The Most Common Reasons To Change Your Locks


A Misplaced Key


Anyone can misplace small items, especially their keys. Even if it is unlikely that the person who picks it up will know what it is for, it is much better to be extra safe than truly sorry. Try not to ignore the alarm bells ringing in your head and listen to your instinct. Look for a Locksmith in Perth like us to change your locks for you as soon as possible.



If you experienced a break-in before, you know it is a scary situation you never want to happen again. Stolen items can be replaced. But what if you have children at home while you are out of the house? The moment someone can break in is when you call a Residential Locksmith like us to change the locks completely.


Going Your Separate Ways

If you have lived with a roommate or a housemate, you will have the same set of keys. Even though they surrendered it when they moved out, you can never be too sure if they had it duplicated or not, especially if you did not end the relationship on good terms. Let us replace the locks to be safe.

A Brand-New Home

Buying a new home that has previously been lived in means the previous tenant has a set of keys to all the locks in the house. Since you have purchased the house, call a Locksmith in Perth like us, and we will replace all of them for you so only you and your family can get in.

These valid reasons do not necessarily mean you are paranoid about everything. It is all about keeping your family safe. What must be done should be done, and one way to keep your home safe is to have all of the locks in the house replaced. 


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